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Do you have an in-house call center that isn’t maximizing its potential?

Are your calls coming in a mile a minute? Do you want to expand your business but are tied to the phones? When constant call flow is interfering with your profit, you can use the assistance of ROI Call Center Solutions.

Do you find that special promotions or campaigns stretch your call center beyond its peak effectiveness costing you business by dropping calls?

Do you have limited shifts in-house but want 24/7 service available?

Choosing ROI professional call center Solutions gives you the time you need to grow your company. When live phone operators answer your calls, employee workload is cut down. Instead of being chained to the phones, your employees will be free to create new proposals, develop business plans, and generally get back to business. You won’t get any of the associated hassles of getting new hires with telephone call centers. Since telephone call center services are on a contractual basis, you won’t have to waste effort hiring new employees, instituting the training process, or filling out paperwork. You only have to make one phone call to receive superior telephone call center live operators to answer your calls.

ROI Call Center Solutions, a leading global call center, utilizes SaaS technology so we can quickly and efficiently step in to the rescue when in-house call centers need some help. And with our agents working on your behalf, you’ll be confident that there will be no drop-off in the quality of the callers’ experiences.

Whether you’re a bustling organization that gets over 1000 calls or a start-up company that has 100, ROI inbound call center outsourcing Solutions has the means to answer your calls. Since ROI Call Center Solutions has multiple telephone call center locations and hosts of talented live operators, your phone calls will always be answered.

Although many businesses only need basic call answering, ROI Call Center Solutions provides many more services to boost up your business. Services like message taking, order-taking, and priority notification allow all businesses to increase production and maximize efficiency. Small businesses benefit even further with telephone call center virtual office services.

There’s only a limited amount of time in your work week. When your calls are coming in fast and your company is losing precious hours, you can turn to ROI Call Center Solutions to fuel your business.

A sampling of the services we can provide:

Peak-hour overflow service to save you from lost calls.

Special event, promotion, campaign relief to make sure all the advertising responses get a live, quality response, making the most of your marketing efforts.

The quality service to extend your in-house call center service, seamlessly, into a 24/7/365 availability to your customers.

Back-up for in-house centers suffering from personnel or equipment limitations

Outbound Services (lead gen, appt. setting, sales, etc) Onshore and Offshore call centers.

Roi Solutions LLC

487 E 1000 S # B Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Telephone: 801-785-1091 

Posted by: Joseph Tristan

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Submitted on
March 5, 2014